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  • Thursday, June 23, 2005
  • Please please PLEASE stop being BITCHES!!!

    That's what I want to walk into a Verison Wireless and scream everytime I think about getting a new phone. Ok, fine, its time to be a big man and admit that you jumped on the wrong bandwagon (its going on right now with HDDVD and Blueray) -- CDMA sucks. Bite the bullet and go buy a GSM system so that you can provide your constituents with the badass electronics they want. And all you "I'm already on GSM" bitches? What the hell are you guys doing? Get on your horse and go to Europe or Japan or Korea; go anywhere but the wartorn precision bombed markets of Iraq and bring back the phones you find laying around. Right now I'm looking at a grand to import the phone and hoping to find a GSM carrier that can run it. Can anyone even find out how much wireless service costs without signing the 2-year-we-get-your-first-child-and-right-testicle-contract?

    Sorry, that all came out of trying to see when the N90 will be onsale at Ritz and for how much. Neither of which have I accomplished.


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    At 10:20 AM, Blogger Dee S. Nutts said...

    OK, I'm with you on the rant, I'm sick and tired of everyone having cooler shit than us. I mean, we rule the friggin' world, we're the richest most wasteful people on it. Why aren't we extorting some third world nation to build this junk for US?

    That being said, the phone you win comes with a T-Mobile sim card, so I'm guessing you can at least use it on their network.

    At 10:26 AM, Blogger Dee S. Nutts said...

    GSM Service Maps


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