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  • Thursday, July 14, 2005
  • Hate your mobile phone?

    Check out this brittish guy who's selling his phone on ebay:

    But don't let me put you off, it has some really good features like "Airplane Mode".
    Using Airplane Mode you can disable the phones ability to receive or make calls, texts or email whilest leaving the phone on so that you can look at the screens crappy walpaper and get hassled by the air stewardess for not turning your phone off. The added advantage of this mode is that, when you arrive at JFK, your battery is flat.
    Sat in the taxi, you really need to make some calls to let your business associates know that you've landed, but wait! No charger lead!
    Whilst you're sat there in incomunicado, you can reminisce about the bad old days where you would merely turn your phone off.
    The best is yet to come...
    How do you turn airplane mode off? I couldn't find out from the manual and had to trawl the net. I found the answer in a forum whereby some chap with a similar phone was obviously as irate as I.
    Apparently you have to hold the power button down for more than one and a half seconds but for less than two seconds as the latter turns the phone off.
    Which sick, criminally insane, Motorola B*STARD dreamed that up!?
    "Oh, I've turned it off again, damn!" Now another wait for about five minutes while this chunky phone boots up. "Hello Moto" it declares in a cheesy voice, yes hello again. Glad you could make it.
    Let's try again. No, not long enough. "yeah I'll be with you in a minute.". Not long enough again, oh sh*t, it's turned off again! "Yeah, make that five minutes" "Hello Moto"
    Pulling the battery doesn't work.
    Neither does pulling the sim card
    Twenty five minutes of this lunacy was what caused the crack in the outer screen. I threw it accross the room in disgust.
    The threat "If you don't come out of Airplane Mode right now, I'm going to kill you!" was the only thing that worked.
    Perhaps the speech recognition part of this phone has not been completely removed.



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