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  • Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  • Today's firedrill item

    So I've decided that whenever there's a firedrill I'm going to drive to the store and buy something I've never bought before. Today I got some Klondike bars. Yeah, I know, I've bought Klondike bars before. But not YORK PEPPERMINT Klondike Bars! Damn straight, bitches. They're terribly refreshing.

    Update Verdict:
    Get some.

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    At 10:32 AM, Blogger Dee S. Nutts said...


    At 1:21 PM, Blogger Dee S. Nutts said...

    verdicts are only returned by juries. It is a finding of fact, not an opinion or application of codified or judgemade law. Oftentimes a verdict is confused with a ruling, however they are distinct terms of art.

    At 1:38 PM, Blogger Dee S. Nutts said...

    Ah yes, in a strictly legal sense that may be true. However, I am in no means a lawyer and everything I say or write should be interpreted as the representation of a layman.

    3 entries found for verdict.
    ver·dict Audio pronunciation of "verdict" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vûrdkt)

    1. Law. The finding of a jury in a trial.
    2. An expressed conclusion; a judgment or opinion: the verdict of history.

    [Middle English verdit, from Anglo-Norman : ver, true (from Latin vrus. See wr-o- in Indo-European Roots) + dit, speech (from Latin dictum, from neuter past participle of dcere, to say. See deik- in Indo-European Roots).]

    So in this case we're going for more of an 'opinion' slant. I find this much the same as when you say "bug", "bit" or "block" I will tend to interpret them in a coloquial sense since I know that you are not Computer Scientists.


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