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  • Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  • Damn them...

    Yeah, I mean those credit card companies. What's up with constantly increasing my limit? Mostly its not an issue, I haven't run out and bought that tv or camera on an impulse buy yet. But the card that I use for beer and iTunes music does NOT need to have another thousand dollars on its limit. I hand that card over at the bar and I used to feel some sense of security that I wouldn't get too crazy. I know I can request a lower limit, but that would contradict with my first desire; to not interact with them. The real kicker is that they don't even really notify me of it. It just shows up in my statement as more available credit. You'd think they'd be pleased to tell you with confetti and fanfare that they're proud of you as a customer and wish you'd get into more debt. But no, they've gotta be all sneaky about it. I can tell how this will end. Me and 26 people waking up in the gutter outside a pub with only a vague idea of how we got there. I know your game mastercard people, and its not going down like that. The 27 of us are going to split the tab.


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