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  • Monday, September 12, 2005
  • Wide Angle

    I saw an ad on tv yesterday for a show called 'Wide Angle'. It looks to be a well made documentary style show on global interest subjects. The commercial showed interviews with suicide bombers explaining their beliefs, and North Korean children who believe they should hate Americans because they are Americans. You can find a list of past shows and content here. Also of interest I think is the film quality, all the shots looked beautifully done and the perspective portrayed should be fantastic. I hope I'm not hyping this up too much, but from the look I've seen this is just what Americans need to be watching when they plunk themselves down in front of the box. (that was for you bob.) You should check it out. I think its on PBS Tuesdays at 10. I'm gonna try to watch it, and have a tivo backup plan just in case.

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    At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I saw one Wide Angle episode ("Ladies First") last year about women's participation in the rebuilding of Rwanda after the genocide. I found it slightly disappointing because it focused more on the genocide than it did on the role Rwandese women have in the political process. However, each episode has a different producer so perhaps some will be better than others.


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