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  • Saturday, December 17, 2005
  • Pimp my Firefox...

    Alright, so I got to thinking about all the extensions I post about and decided that you probably don’t have them all. Mostly because its hard to keep track and remember which ones you’re sposed to get. So here’s a rundown on the extensions I use and think you should too.It might be a long one; here we go:
    My RSS reader, open in a sidebar.  There are probably others, but since the RSS feeds are set in the bookmarks folder, my RSS feeds are synced when my bookmarks are with Foxmarks.  Oh if you don’t know what RSS is, then I don’t know what to say to you.

    Stumble.  Not home from the bar.  You fill out some profile info and the system recommends pages that people like you have enjoyed.  Rate pages thumbs up or down to better tailor your interests.  I hide this bar when I’m not using it just to save some space.

    This adds a toolbar to Firefox with an A9 (Amazon) searchbar.  Its got a lot of features for notes and things but I mostly just use it for searching.  If you use it you get a pi/2 discount on all your Amazon purchases.

    The newest adblock.  Specify domain filters or specific content you don’t want displayed and you’ll never see it again.  Very nice, must get.

    Preloaded filters for adblock of stuff you definitely don’t want to see.

    Puts the forecast pretty much wherever you want it.  Customize lots of things.  Just good to have.

    Keeps track of all your downloads in a nice bar just above the status bar.  The new version is very customizable and I like it much more than the separate download window that normally pops up in Firefox.

    Controls iTunes from Firefox.  Shows the song title near the status bar.

    Just a skin for foxy tunes, you can pick out your own.

    This is a new one for me, it searches for blog items about whatever page you’re viewing.  It seems a little backwards for finding new websites, but if you want some opinions on something you found it could be good.  Its also got options to make a post to your Blogger page (but that’s a little rough right now.)

    You will never browse the same.  Just trust me.   There are other gesture extensions this is just the one that I’ve learned and know.  You’ll never use the back or new tab buttons again.  It hurts my head to use a computer without this.

    Here’s another good one, I mostly use it to remove all the Google text ads that are displayed on Google search results.
    This adds the Alexa screen shot of what each website looks like next to its link in a Google search.  Nice if you’re trying to find a site you’ve seen before but can’t quite remember the name of it.
    Handy.  Double click on a word and a subwindow pops up to look up the word in your choice of references.  Better than others that open another tab or window to find the page.

    Here’s a good one too, highlight a word, right click and the Wikipedia entry (if there is one) will open in a new tab.  Nice for learning all you wanted and more.

    Shows you the hex and rgb codes for whatever color you point to on screen.  Nice if you see a color and want to use it for something you’re doing.

    I don’t know if this actually does anything but it does add a pageload timer in the status bar, nice if you feel like you’ve been waiting forever for a page to load and are wondering if you should refresh or just give up.

    This one is interesting.  It blocks all flash content by default, so that you don’t waste time loading up ads and other material that you don’t want.  If you do want it to load, just click the icon that displays instead of the flash object.  You can choose to always allow a page to load, like you’d want to do with homestar or a bank site.

    This is also a new one, and its pretty cool.  Mostly useful if you’re on two computers a lot and want the bookmarks to sync up.  There’s also a page you can access from anywhere even if you don’t have the extension on that computer.

    Nice and new for 1.5.  This shows a screen capture of each page when you hover the cursor over its tab.  Useful if you ever forget which tab is which.

    I used this one more before tab preview.  It opens a new tab with all the previews of the other tabs in it.  Click the one you want to activate it.  I made a hotkey for it: left click and scroll down.

    Sneaky.  Treats the tab as if it were an IE window and uses the IE engine.  You can toggle back and forth with a little engine button in the status bar.

    Right click and select the option from the context window to open the current tab  in an actual IE Explorer window.  Nice cause I’ve deleted all references to IE from my computer and don’t know how to open an IE window other than this.

    Adds two items to the right click context menu, to go to the bottom and back to the top.  Pretty straight forward.

    Little things make all the differences.  This changes the order that the tabs are switched to.  By default Firefox tabs switch to the tab to the left when you close or ctrl-tab.  This changes it to activate the previously active tab, much the same as alt-tab for applications.

    This is good cause with all these extensions sometimes your context menus can get really complicated.  It lets you reorder or choose not to display items.
    This is a default extension that reports errors when Firefox crashes.

    this places an icon next to every link so you know what the target is without looking at the link text.  So you know if you were opening a word doc, acrobat, new window, or other type of app.  It broke when I upgraded from 1.5 beta to 1.5 the new version ( is out but I haven’t tested it yet.

    This is the best inline spellchecker I've seen for Firefox. Its like everything you right is in Word. Its Beta as of now, but things can only get better.

    Alright, this is a badass extension for blogging pages in a split screen WYSIWYG environment. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Do you have a blog? If so click the picture Lenny.

    Kinda neat, right click on the minimize button and Firefox minimizes to
    the system tray. Works for Thunderbird too.

    Ok, that about does it for extensions. Whew. Hopefully you have some if not all of those installed and are overwhelmed by the power surging through you.  Go practice being cool.

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