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  • Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  • I never learned how to use chapstick.

    Blistex Spa EffectsSo I had a couple ultimate games over the weekend and it was windy as a mo-fo out there. As a result I ended up with windburned lips; which basically exhibits itself as chapped lips, it just takes longer. Normally my course of action and home remedy for chapped lips is... nothing. It goes away when its ready. But today in the grocery I saw this three pack of Blistex and decided to give it a go. There are three flavors: "uplifting", "renewing" and "relaxing." Now I'm pretty sure each one of these should taste like an imperial pint of Guinness, but I doubt that any of them will. Just goes to show this kinda thing is marketed for people that know how to use it. I've realized that it might take a bit of finesse to apply this stuff correctly. I mostly end up with something that tastes like starburst smeared on me, which I quickly consume. But honestly, that's not my fault. If they'd been trying to sell this to me my whole life, I might have learned how to use it. You see the vicious cycle?

    Spa Effects

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