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  • Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  • US Aircraft Carrier Sinks Off Florida!

    Yup that bad bouy (hehe) went down in record time. 37 minutes, not the 5 hours the Navy expected. But that's what happens when you blow big ass holes in the hull. The ship will serve as all great ships dream, as a reef for recreational diving and sport fishing. Glad to see the Navy is making jungle gyms now.

    By 1976, the Oriskany had become a relic and was decommissioned. An estimated 45,000 sailors served aboard the vessel during her 26 years in the fleet. The Navy tried repeatedly to discard the ship. Three attempts to scrap her failed. No one accepted an offer to turn the ship into a museum, unlike her famous sisters -- Intrepid, Yorktown, Hornet and Lexington. Finally, in what might have been the ultimate indignity, experts at the Naval Historical Center excluded the Oriskany from a list of Navy inactive ships eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. But the vessel dubbed by her crew as "Mighty O" may have had the last word. The Navy spent more than three years and $20 million preparing Oriskany to become an artificial reef. The project was repeatedly delayed to meet Environmental Protection Agency concerns about removal of hazardous substances including oil, fuel, asbestos and PCBs -- polychlorinated biphenyls, which are cancer-causing substances used throughout old ships in electrical equipment.
    Sinking of the Oriskany 17-May-2006

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