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  • Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  • Who's Up For A Little Self Abuse?

    Here you go; we finally get to hear what the 'mosquito' youngster repellent sounds like. Honestly I expected a little more. I mean, its kinda like the sound a CRT makes, granted one of the poorer fairing models. Maybe I have to listen to it a lot louder or something but there's no way this would drive me away. The only annoyance I could possibly see is the repetitive nature of it, like an alarm clock incessantly beeping. But I can sleep to an alarm clock if I choose to. Not like ignore it and suffer through; you have to get into the rhythm and its kinda nice. But even if it was annoying, do they not realize that I spend most of my day being desensitized to and learning how to cope with things that annoy me? Babies screaming on the metro, mouth breathers, those goddamn walky-talky phones...

    BBC - Wiltshire - Info Exchange - The sound that repels troublemakers

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    At 9:45 AM, Blogger theKirkness said...

    that place is going to be taken over by 26 yr old hooligans now.


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