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  • Friday, June 23, 2006
  • Arrested Development Returns To TV!

    Arrested DevelopmentAfter a long deserved hiatus, the comic genius behind Arrested development is ready to get back to work. On other projects. Sorry to jerk your emotions around like that, but you have to admit you were feeling pretty good for about 3 seconds there. I just got what I assume is the last Arrested Devlopment VIP Fan Club Email.
    Well friends, I hate to say it, but I think it’s time to stick a fork in Arrested Development – it’s done. With series creator Mitch Hurwitz recently re-confirming that he will not return to the series – even if it is picked up by another network – and many members of the brilliant cast already lining up movie deals and new television series, the outlook for a fourth season is bleak at best. While I already miss the show, I’m one of those fans who would rather see it go out on top (at least creatively, if not in terms of ratings) than when it’s past its prime. And while there are far too many returning shows that never should have made it past concept stage, those of us who really “got” Arrested Development will simply have to be secure in the knowledge that we’re just a little bit smarter, have much better senses of humor and are at least 65 percent more attractive than the poor slobs who never gave one of the funniest shows on television a chance. Not that I’m bitter…

    Not that any of us are bitter.

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