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  • Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  • Like Peas In A Pod

    So I started reading this story about how Amazon wants to start shipping food. I though about priceline and how that was an odd service. Then I remembered Peapod by Giant. So I've placed my first order to be delivered tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. The site is actually very well put together. They remember your previous orders, so its easier to find items you like. But they also hook into the bonus card system so they know all the stuff you've bought in store as well. I like the shopping list feature too. Its basically a text field that you type your grocery list into. When you're done you click start shopping and it goes through and uses your list as consecutive search terms on the site. I like it a lot because somehow its easier to think of all the things I want at once, rather than finding them one at a time. Anyway, we'll see if this is worth the added cost or not. I could see it being slightly addicitive. oh, and check out this code for $10 off your first order over $75: CJA2. It always pay to spend 30 seconds googling for coupon codes.


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