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  • Tuesday, July 11, 2006
  • New Digg Effect.

    So I like digg, even if it is becoming more mainstream. Its a good way to find out about tech oddities. But I'm always a little put-out when there's an article I'd already found and read somewhere else. And its even worse when I'd already blogged about it. Its like I resent the people picking at scraps of news that, to me, isn't new any more. Is this the most hypocritical I could be? No, I bet I could beat that. Anyway, there are now little digg buttons in the comments tab. I'm not so much expecting you to digg things here, I'm the first to admit that my original content is sparse, but maybe I'll be less resentful of a system that I'm more a part of. You'll know this didn't work when the buttons disappear in two weeks.

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