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  • Friday, September 08, 2006
  • There's Insufficient Downforce, Michael.

    Well I'm tired of reading about people guessing and speculating about the new Transformers movie that's coming out next year. Its time to guess and speculate about the Knight Rider movie ! This mock up is of the Koenigsegg CXX (the car TopGear suggested get a rear spoiler to keep it on the track) as KITT. Of course there are a multitude of other options for what model the reincarnation should be. But I have a feeling it'll end up being whoever pays to get their sorry mustang into the movie, instead of the most appropriate one. I also can't quite imagine the original KITT voice going on any of these cars, which might just ruin the movie for me if they don't change it. It'd be like Sean Connery voicing over all the dialog in a Roger Moore Bond film. Sure, I liked Connery better, but what the hell is his voice doing on Roger Moore?

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    At 8:08 AM, Blogger theKirkness said...

    seeing as how Chevy's pocketbook changed BumbleBee into a "New Camero", I wouldnt be surprised if they coincide it with a rerelease of the GM version of the camero, the TransAm.. which would actually be perfect since KITT was always a TransAm.


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