Daily Placebo

  • Sunday, September 10, 2006
  • You Can't Get Drunk Playing PlayStation.

    Every once in a while (right) I like to dispense to you, my adoring public, tidbits of genius that I happen across. Here's one to remember: You can't get drunk playing PlayStation. Write that down. Its just too hand intensive. Really, alcohol consumption leads itself much more readily to less consuming enterprises, like watching football or web development. I have no doubt that some of you may have devised solutions to this problem, but its just not worth the effort. Speaking of which, I'm no stick in the mud but grilling from an apartment is a lot of effort. My window looks out on the pool slash picnic area, and I've been watching a few ladies carry all kinds of supplies out for the last few minutes. Now, granted, I'm not food driven, but this seems like an awful lot of work for a poorly cooked burger. That fire is going out any second; despite the wild fanning.


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