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  • Friday, November 03, 2006
  • We're Good At Something.

    Well, well. Look who's been thinking. Blockbuster has been getting hammered by Netfix recently and playing catchup in the we'll-mail-you-dvds game. Looks like someone in the company finally put together that maintaining all those stores and a separate mail business was consuming their own business. They also asked themselves what they could provide that Netflix couldn't. They're offering a pretty sweet sounding incentive: a free rental when you return a mail-order DVD to a store. So now instead of waiting for a movie you want to see (that everyone else wants to see) and never gets sent to you, just return that movie by hand and pick it up. Very smart, guys. Use what god gave ya. Or... use what you've already invested in. I know its mostly a grab to win back the flocks that Netflix took, but who can blame them for offering a better deal that their competitors can't match? I'd switch if I rented DVDs.

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