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  • Wednesday, March 07, 2007
  • New Music

    Amie Street has signed a deal with Nettwerks to distribute the label's music, which includes the new Barenaked Ladies' CD.  Great!  What's Amie Street?

    Apparently its another independent music source that shells out plain old Mp3s to its users.  Kinda like emusic, but it seems more socially oriented.  They've got a cool pricing scheme where users submit music and the songs start out as free downloads.  Then as a file's popularity increases, so does the cost of download.  (don't worry, it maxes out at 98 cents)  So its kinda like if you want other people to do the work of finding cool new music for you (popular music), you'll pay a premium, but if you're out there scouting the nobodies you may come off with a bargain.  I signed up for an account and the site seems pretty well put together.  You can group your purchases together into one zip file and and create a play list in the little music previewer.  They've gotten a barrage of hits because of the new music deal and its not as quick as they'd like, so if you sign up now they'll throw a little cash your way to get you stated. 


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