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  • Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  • No Puffters.

    I love the smoking ban in DC.  I find that my quality of life is greatly improved by limiting that of others.  And I'm fine with that.  Mostly its about not having smoke permeate every fiber and pore on me.  Makes me a happy camper and keeps my clothes hamper smelling like BO instead of tar and cancer.

    Well, the first exception to the ban has been granted just around the corner at Aroma.  Which always seemed like an odd name for a martini bar to me.  Apparently it is a cigar bar, and with the ban in place they took a large enough hit that they qualified for a hardship exemption.  Now, I certainly understand wanting your customers to be able to enjoy the products you sell, but I can't help thinking this is gonna draw in the smokers from all over the city.  I don't really mind if they want to hot box that place.  I've been to Aroma.  It sucks.  I'm worried about all those future health care liabilities spilling out across the sidewalk and trashing up my neighborhood with their butts.

    But don't confuse me with those NIMBY whiners.  I don't even have a back yard.  And I wish people would stop smoking everywhere.  Honestly that's the largest drawback to universal health care that I can think of.  Morons exposing themselves to a notorious and venomous carcinogen, who will eventually want to be cured of their self-inflicted and wholly preventable malady.

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