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  • Wednesday, February 13, 2008
  • Street View Club.

    You're never gonna come and do this in DC are you? I'd hoped you were up for trying to cover important parts of major cities. I mean, how kickass are the street views in DC? You can't walk half a block without finding a memorial or statue or iconic building. But no, you seem to only be interested in cities where you can document a good segment of streets without getting abducted and waterboarded by the federal government. Its all part of the experience! Oh, hey, if we ever actually get that state voting rights deal we should replace "Taxation without representation" on our license plates with "I'll waterboard you motherf*&ker".

    12 more cities added to the street view list, none of them useful to me.

    * Albany and Schenectady, NY
    * Boise, ID
    * Juneau, AK
    * Kansas City, MO (home of the railway station!)
    * Manchester, NH
    * Milwaukee, WI
    * Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), NC
    * San Antonio, TX
    * Salt Lake City, UT

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