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  • Saturday, May 10, 2008
  • Damn.

    Well shit. Now I need a suit that flies. To be honest that movie kinda kicked my ass. I want to have Jon Favreau's babies.Although I coulda used less of the prototype/ kidnapping portion and more flying around kicking random people's asses. The best part about Spiderman, Superman, Batman, (And now Iron Man. What? Too good for a one-word name?) isn't the epic battles with supervillians bent on world destruction/domination. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that mayhem too. But the ease with which these guys dispense with "normal" badguys is much more entertaining and serves to deliver a baseline of just how badass they are. I'm sure they'll put a nod to this concept in the sequel, but it won't be the same. Instead of "what the eff is that?" *wham* muggers will say "oh crap here comes Iron Man". (Though to be fair there was plenty of the military going "what the eff is that?") But that's about the only problem I can invent to have with this movie. Well, besides being pissed off that I can't have anything I just saw.

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