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  • Friday, June 20, 2008
  • Horse Hockey!

    What the eff Congress? You guys were gonna take someone to the mat on these warrantless wiretap shenanigans. Weren't you? Or was it all just Oversight Theatre? (see how I changed up Security Theatre there?) Apparently all the fuss they were planning on putting against the admin's "everyone's a hero" exemption wasn't much at all. The part I really don't get is that the President told the telcos these actions were legal; which may or may not absolve them of wrongdoing. But shouldn't the charges still be levied against the guy who misled, lied, and instigated all this lawbreaking to begin with? I don't care why you did it or what national secrets you're trying to hide, we've got a system set up to decide the punishments for lawbreakers and it doesn't involve pressuring lawmakers into submission. Makes me want to mail the "get out of jail free" cards from my Monopoly set to some congressman.

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