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  • Wednesday, June 18, 2008
  • To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    Well, I'd been holding off on FireFox 3 at work because there are several add-ons I use that do not support it yet.  The most important of these was Mousegestures.  There's something very disorienting about dragging left and not browsing back to the last page.  But I decided that it was high time I move towards the future, lest I miss out on other wonderful features.  So I found another add on called FireGestures that looks to do pretty much the same thing.  The main difference being that the preprogrammed gestures are different and I'm faced with the choice of either learning the new ones or customizing to simulate my past environment.  I figure I'm changing other parts of my work flow anyway, so I might as well go for the whole shebang.  Here's a list of the new gestures I'm trying to remember... confuuusing.

    back - L
    forward - R
    reload - UD
    more reload - UDU

    up level - DU
    increment # - RURU
    decrement # - RDRD

    new Window - DRU
    close Window - URD
    minimize window - RUD
    maximize - RDU

    new tab - LR
    close tab - DR
    undo close tab - RL
    previous tab - UL
    next tab - UR

    text size increase - LRU
    text size decrease - LRD
    text normal - LRUD

    scroll to top - LU
    scroll to bottom - LD

    show only this frame - LDR
    open frame i new tab - LDRU

    open link in new tab (background) - D
    open link in new tab (foreground) - U

    save Image as - DLD
    save image now - DRD

    open all links in selection - RU

    FireGestures options - LDRUL

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