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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008
  • I'm Trying. Really.

    Isn't there an ESPN-style olympic coverage that I can watch? I mean, I'd like to get my international sporting competition on, but I don't know how much more NBC shmaltz I can stomach. I mean, NO, I don't want to watch Tiki Barber and some chick spew uninformed drivel all over themselves in between 4 second clips of the world's greatest atheletes. And when you follow the US women's gymnastic team around like a love-drunk puppy, maybe it'd be a good idea to aknowledge that there are actually competitors from other countries too. Also, I have to basically cancel all the other programing my tivo has lined up to get one of your 6 hour superblocks of swimming, diving, tennis, badmitton, team hand ball, archery... why in the hell don't you break these things up into separate listings, so that people can actually figure out when things are on? Are there really folks sitting down every night to watch 4 hours of tearjerking backstory and commercials? Or more likely, do they just flip on the coverage, watch whatever's on at that second, ans lose interest in 20 minutes cause its not something they want to see? Whatever, I'm sure you know better than me. Just because I can't figure out how to watch a world-class 150 year old international multi-sport competition in a manner that makes it seem interesting doesn't mean too much. Right?

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    At 8:23 AM, Blogger theKirkness said...

    America, Number one.


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