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  • Friday, August 22, 2008
  • Personal Inventory.

    While I find most of the 'doddering old man doesn't know how many houses he has/ how to tie shoelaces' debate fairly amusing, this is an interesting point. Seven houses is obviously more houses than a ginormous majority of Americans (or world citizens for that matter) can claim amongst their assets; but what do you have seven of?

    I have more than 7 DVDs. I have a 7.1 surround sound system. I have more than 7 (burned) CDs; although my CD changer holds one short of equaling McCain's realestate holdings. I have more than 7 pairs of underwear... but I seriously can't name anything of consequence (end table or higher) that I have more than 5 of. Golf clubs? (like the actual sticks, not country clubs)

    I don't mean to suggest that having this kind of wealth makes John McCain unfit for the presidency. When's the last time we elected someone who's personal wealth was near the median for this country? But it does make me think twice when I hear stories about how John McCain is better able to identify with the working class Americans who are feeling the pinch of gas prices and a recession. Reducing taxes and then funneling money into pockets of private companies doesn't address the needs of "struggling" lower/middle class workers like tirmming excess/redundancy and supporting social boons like universal healthcare or alternate energy research would.

    Bam; I've got one! I own 7 domains. And I'll pretty much guarantee that's more than John McCain has in his godaddy cart, that blog hatin, multi-mansioning, septuagenarian.

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