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  • Thursday, November 04, 2010
  • So, I guess I haven't posted in a while.

    And there's a reason for that.  Buzz steals all my snark, and there's none left for you.  I know, it sucks.  But there it is.  Here's a second hand whiff, maybe you'll get a contact high.  Also, I've had three travel mugs of coffee in the last three and a half hours.  Is that too much?  I think that's too much.  My brain thinks that's too much.  Screw him, I'm gonna get some coffee.

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    "You know the drill—I, for one, welcome our new female snake-Jesus overlords"

    Female Boa constrictor reproduces without help from males - Boing Boing

    There is, perhaps, nothing terribly shocking about a female snake, placed in an enclosure with four male snakes, giving birth to two litters of baby snakes. But what if those babies carry only their mother's genetic material? Parthenogenesis—breeding without the, you know, breeding—has been documented in only a small handful of vertebrate species, but it does happen. However, usually, it take...

    RS - Those must have been some ugly snake dudes if she decided to go solo.Nov 3
    KJ - I wonder if these snakes are sterile, like mules are supposed to be...Nov 3
    LW - except mules are a cross between two species, which is why they are sterile. these are only half of one species ;-) although with that weird WW sex chromosome, i don't think they count as male OR female.8:46 am
    Jeadly - Schrödinger's snake would be way more complicated than his cat. There could be a live snake, a dead snake, or a box with infinite snakes... Also, I am less okay with a box of snakes than cats.8:51 am
    KJ - Just don't let those infinite snakes out of the box in Heisenberg's house. Then you'd have a REALLY big problem! :-P8:54 am
    RS - I don't know what's worse, that you guys are talking about nerdy subjects like Shrodinger and Heisenberg, or that I'm fully aware of the references.8:56 am
    LW - k - haha, funny. 
    r - we're all nerds, get over it.
    9:08 am
    Jeadly - Crap, now I'm trying to decide if I'd rather know where a snake is or which way it's lunging.9:09 am
    KJ - Don't worry about it. Just follow Pauli's advice stay off the ground floor. They'll be there first before coming upstairs. Unless of course, the snakes get excited and jump up to the next floor. But chances are they won't be there long...9:27 am
    KJExcuse me, Hund's advice...9:29 am
    Jeadly - I like Pauli's reassurance better; there can't possibly be infinite snakes in your house. We're talking like a million or two - max... Unless there's some kind of photon snakes, which I spose is pretty reasonable considering the context. Damn.9:48 am
    LW - uh, i think this is getting a little out of hand.10:08 am
    Jeadly - What part of infinite self-fertilizing unobservable light-snakes is "out of hand"? 

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