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  • Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  • Feedback for Sprint.

    Sprint recently decided that the extra $10 fee I'm paying for my 4G phone is not actually for 4G service. It's "Premium data" service. Which is confusing to me since the data is no different than it has always been, with the exception of 4G. I wrote up my thoughts in a, I think, wildly composed and respectful format and attempted to submit them for someone to read. It didn't work. I've found two feedback forms on their site, neither of which will accept my text. One of them says there are illegal characters, and the other has a character limit of 1200. So while I wait for them to answer my feedback about an actual email address to contact I figured I'd put it up here.

    >> Form: Ask A Question-Manage
    >> Topic: General Inquiry
    >> SUB Topic: General Inquiry
    >> =============================================================
    >> Original Question:
    >> Question: I wish to submit feedback that is greater than 1200
    > characters
    >> in length. Is there a contact email address on this site that is not
    > a
    >> limited web form?
    >> =============================================================

    digg it


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